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Pretty Little Liars - ‘The Silence of E. Lamb’ Canadian Promo


I just find it odd..



CeeCee as Vivian:


Sydney and Jenna:


Was Vivian meant to look like Jenna or Sydney?

Wait, but...


How is it that Hollbrook or the NYPD haven’t made the connection between Alison and Shana’s dead body? In 5X01, we see Hollbrook calling the theater, Ali answering and him all like “YO ALI???” and then he tells NYPD that they need to get to that theater and specifically states that Alison…

Aria is A hint from season 2


I am so, so, so certain that Aria Montgomery is -A that I look for clues to prove my theory everywhere.

Look what I just found!


In Season 2, Episode 12: “Over my dead body”, all of the girls find this note.

When I look up the coordinates, this is what comes up:


This isn’t really anything special… but once I looked up the name of the town, Ardmore, PA, I notice that it is in MONTGOMERY COUNTY!

Another subtle clue to tell us that Aria is in fact A?
I’m sure of it!

This could be big..



I’ve had this saved for a while, so I could think on it more… but NOW I think it’s time to share. In Episode 20, of season 3 “Hot Water” At the ending of the episode they show the dollhouse. I got a closer look at it and the dolls are different from previous times they were shown. We all…

Who is Chris Cavanaugh?


Chris Cavanaugh found in the sign-in book for the school for the blind on the night Ali disappeared (S02E16)


C. Cavanaugh was on the dentist papers in (S04E17)


I am sensing a connection! 

"Time for the caged bird to sing - A" 

A play on the title of the novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou…Maya?